Sunday, August 31, 2008

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) aims for improving the routine activities of the organization which are related to business. TPS is any event or activity which affects the working of the organization. Some of the common transactions which are affected by the TPS include the billing customers, Placing orders, depositing checks etc. These types of the transactions vary from organization to organization. TPS, is found in all organization's at the Lower level management and it contains a set of activities which help the lower level management to manage the procedures for handling the needful transactions. Transaction Processing procedures are also often refereed as Standard Operating Procedures.

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) is very essential in any organizational structure for speed and accuracy in the system. It helps to smoothen the system without any variance. It provides accuracy and speed and the daily transactions can programmed to follow the daily routines without any kind of inconsistency. For more effective and efficient way to process the transaction data some firms take the aid of computer's assistance.

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