Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Documentation and Importance of Documentation

Documentation is one of the system which is used to communicate, instruct and record the information for any reference or operational purpose. They are very useful for representing the formal flow of the present system. With the help of documentation it is very easy to track the flow of the system's progress and they working of the system can be expalined very easily.

It helps to provide the clear description of the work done so far. It is essential that the documents prepared must be updated on regular basis this will help to trace the progress of work easily. With appropriate and good documentation it is very easy to understand the how aspects of the system will work for the company where the system is to installed. It is also help to understand the type of data which will be inputted in the system and how the output can be produced.

After the system is installed, and if in case the system is not working properly it will be very easy for the administrator to understand the flow of data in the system with documentation which will help him/ her to correct the flaws and get the system working in no time.

Uses of Documentation
  • It facilitates effective communication regarding the system between the technical and the non technical users.
  • It is very useful in training new users. With a Good documentation new users can easily get acquainted with the flow of the systems.
  • Documentation also helps the users to solve problems like trouble shooting even a non technical user can fix the problems.
  • It plays a significant role in evaluation process.
  • It not only helps to exercise a better control over the internal working of the firm, but it also external as well especially during audit.
  • Documentations can help the manager to take better financial decisions of the organization.


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