Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Structured English

Structured English is the additional method which is used for overcoming the problems of the ambiguous language in stating the actions and conditions in making the decisions and formulating the procedures. The procedure is described in the narrative format using the Structured English. It doesn't show any decisions and rules but it states the rules.

Structured English specifications require the analyst to identify the conditions which occur in a process and also identify the decisions which makes these conditions occur. It also forces the analyst to find alternative actions to be taken.

In this method the steps are listed in a specific order in which they are to be taken. No special signs, symbols or any other format are used for the displaying of the steps involved like those involved in the decisions tree of decision tables.

Since only Structured English statements are used it becomes easy for the analyst to state the entire procedure without wasting much time. The terminologies used in Structured English consists of mostly the data names of the elements and they are stored in the Data Dictionary.

Developing Structure Statements-
The process is defined by using three types of statements : sequence structure, decision structure and iteration structure.

Sequence structure
: It is the single stepped or action included in the process and it does not depend on the existence of any other condition but if it does encounter a condition, it is taken into consideration.

Decision structure: It occurs when two or more actions take place depending on the value of the condition. The condition is expanded and the necessary decisions is taken.

Iteration structure: It is commonly found that certain conditions occur commonly or occur after certain conditions are executed. Iterative instructions helps the analyst to describe these cases.




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